• que faire dans le vercors en été

What to do in the Vercors in summer ?
5 activities to do in the Vercors in summer

The Vercors Regional Natural Park extends over 206,000 hectares between Drôme and Isère and was classified in 1970 for its spectacular natural, cultural and human wealth. Are you a fan of wide open spaces and clean air? Immerse yourself in the heart of the Vercors and discover 5 activities to do in the Vercors in summer.

Take to the skies on the Himalayan footbridges of Lac de Monteynard

The Himalayan footbridges span the two rivers that feed Lake Monteynard-Avignonet: the Drac and the Ebron. Lake Monteynard is located in Isère, 30 minutes south of Grenoble. It is a natural and protected place just 500 meters above sea level.

The Himalayan footbridges of Lake Monteynard are part of the "postcard" landscapes of tourism in Isère. Installed since 2007 above a dam built in 1962 at the foot of the Sénépy, these two suspension bridges are an attraction that can be explored as part of a hike with the scent of adventure. The Drac and Ebron footbridges constitute a unique site in Europe and with a length of 220 and 180 meters respectively, overlook the lake at a height of 45 to 85 meters depending on the water level. Crossing these footbridges is an unusual and sensational experience that will allow you to discover magnificent views of the lake with turquoise blue water and the surrounding peaks, while walking on a pleasant forest path alternating between undergrowth, views of the lake and the the mountains of Trièves.

Explore the heights of Lans en Vercors by electric mountain bike

;Set out to conquer unknown trails aboard an electric mountain bike for a pleasant discovery of the Vercors, through the trails and slopes of Autrans. Indeed, in the heart of the Vercors Regional Natural Park, Lans en Vercors offers a multitude of marked and secure routes suitable for all levels for cycling or mountain biking with electric assistance, on the Via Vercors. If you are apprehensive about discovering mountain biking, electric mountain biking is a good alternative and guides are there to supervise you. You can discover the magnificent landscapes of the Vercors during sports walks or contemplative mountain bike rides. To know that when you leave the bottom of the valley, you are quickly confronted with significant escarpments and areas that require a certain level of technique and even on an electric bike it is recommended to have a good practice of crossing techniques in order to to follow the routes.


Discover the gastronomy and local crafts of the Vercors

The Vercors is an exceptional territory from every point of view: exceptional landscapes, original gastronomy, diversified activities, local crafts,... You will be able to discover many local products and mountain specialties with unknown flavors such as:

The blue of Vercors Sassenage:

Bleu du Vercors Sassenage is a mythical cheese from the regions of Royans classified AOP. The territory's star cheese is soft and creamy and its hazelnut aroma gives it a subtle taste that can be used in many gourmet and generous culinary preparations. It is intimately linked to its territory, to mountain farming, to natural production techniques and to a well-rooted tradition.

Royans ravioli:

This small fine square pastry with fresh eggs contains in its heart a subtle and balanced stuffing made up of Comté AOP, fromage blanc and parsley is the favorite ravioli of all the little Drômois. According to local tradition, ravioli from Royans must be poached in chicken broth so that the flavor of the stuffing develops its full power and becomes a festive dish that is eaten mainly during celebrations. Taste this gourmet and generous specialty quickly!

The walnut:

The Grenoble walnut, AOP fruitière, comes to decorate many traditional dishes of Royans Vercors. Its production extends over three departments: Isère, Savoie and Drôme and there are around twenty producers in the Drôme who produce walnuts, walnut oil, walnut wine, etc. With indisputable nutritional virtues due to its richness in omega 3, it is one of the oilseeds offering the most health benefits.

Many craftsmen are also in the Vercors and work with leather, basketry, ceramics, cutlery and reveal their know-how to you through demonstrations in their workshops.

Scootering at Col de Rousset

The Col de Rousset station located between 1254 and 1700 meters above sea level is the southern gateway to the Vercors. This family alpine ski resort in winter turns into an adventure park for the whole family in summer, offering activities such as downhill scooters. Thanks to this family activity, you will be able to hurtle down the slopes of the resort at full speed on your scooter and thus fill up with thrills. Various courses for all levels are on offer: course in the middle of trees and stones, with small bridges and wooden jumping platforms, tight slaloms, wide downhill slopes, …

Go hiking and bivouac facing Mont Aiguille

The nature reserve of the Hauts plateaux du Vercors is full of a multitude of hiking trails in the Vercors which will offer you breathtaking landscapes and for an even more unique experience you can make a bivouac in the nature reserve of the Hauts Plateaux. Indeed, the bivouac is authorized there from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. However, it is forbidden to make a fire, leave your waste or have your dog with you, the nature reserve being a protected place where many species of animals evolve. It is therefore very important to respect the fauna and flora. By bivouacking in the middle of nature facing the mythical Mont Aiguille, you will be in total immersion in the Vercors, in the midst of the animals and you will be able to appreciate the glow of a magnificent sunset to keep memories of this bivouac in the Vercors in summer.