• Vélorail

Velorail of the Gorges du Doux

The Vélorail of the Gorges du Doux from Boucieu-le-Roi is located about a 40 minutes drive from the campsite and takes two 12-kilometer runs on the historic line of the Vivarais Railway in 1912. The vélorail offers four or five spots (2 adults and 3 children under 14 years) depending on availability. It also has lap-shoulder seat belts on the rear seats and offers the possibility to attach a child seat (child up to 9kg) facing the track.

On one hand, the route of the viaducts where the railcar takes you near Lamastre allows you to go down again in vélorail until Boucieu-le-Roi. This slightly more sporty course offers a superb view of the Doux and its meanders, landscapes shaped by man and nature.

On the other hand, the course of the Etroits offers a panoramic descent in vélorail but the way back is however by railcar. This course takes you to the wildest and steepest part of the Gorges du Doux in the heart of a sensitive natural area.

Carved on the mountainside with many works of art such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels, the line is the only way to discover the magnificent landscapes of the Gorges du Doux and enjoy a 12 km descent with family or friends!